Thor Blimey! 6 Reasons why Vikings is the Best Damn Thing on TV

ragnar and lagertha


I’ve been known to start these things with a witty comment about how long it’s been since I last posted here. Three months? Well, maybe I was off backpacking across Mongolia with the Turkic Khaganate, getting into all sorts of tussles with the Karluks and the Basmyls and the odd Mongolian death worm.

Six months? That can be easily written off as the time I completed the famed No Internet Challenge, a torturous yet ultimately worthwhile ordeal intended to test the mettle of even the strongest individuals of the Internet Age. During the challenge one must sit naked in a small, candlelit room with naught but a piece of paper and a single pencil for company and a steady stream of drip-fed grape pulp for sustenance. Some buckle within hours, madly scribbling outdated LOLcats and the words ‘top kek’ all over the parchment, using up all the space far too quickly and forfeiting due to the futility of it all. But not I. In handwriting only legible through a magnifying glass or by Ant-Man, I wrote a grand total of 1,821 Word of Tom blog posts. That’s 10.005 blog posts a day. Sadly these are now lost along with a small but not insignificant part of my mind (there comes a point where you really do need toilet paper), but I assure you it was a valuable experience nonetheless. [Wait, what do you mean I didn’t need to be naked..?]

With all that said, the nine months since my last post is pretty much unforgivable and for that I truly am sorry. Of course, I once again have an excuse, for during this three-quarters-of-a-year I have traveled to all of the major cities of the world (via Ryanair of course, I’m not made of money), not only to chronicle the price of eggs but also to sing the praises of a television show by the name of Vikings.

Beginning in 2013 and now three seasons in, Vikings was the first scripted drama to air on the TV channel History. The show tells the tale of legendary Viking ruler Ragnar Lothbrok and his hairy posse, from the frigid northern town of Kattegat to the brutal sacking of Lindisfarne monastery in 793 AD, to the shores of Wessex and beyond, merging real history and artistic license in the finest way possible.

To cut to the chase, the show is simply phenomenal, easily rivaling contemporary behemoths like Game of Thrones in terms of character, story and action. Some mugs say it even surpasses George R. R. R. R. R. Martin’s stab-stab-stab-athon. One of those mugs is me and, coming straight out of the stunning season 3 finale, I feel the need to tell you why. People like lists of things, so I’ll probably do that. It worked out ok for that German chap in the film. For the sake of keeping things fresh however, this definitely won’t be one of those cliche ‘Top 5’ lists. It will be the natural evolution of that system.

So, without further ado, here are my 6 Reasons why Vikings is the Best Damn Thing on TV.

And they all begin with ‘R’. For no reason. (more…)