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Mad Max: A Wasteland Photography Survival Guide



How to make the most out of Mad Max‘s Capture Mode

by Tom Durbin

There are a number of ways to explore Mad Max‘s desolate Wasteland: on foot, behind the wheel of your trusty Magnum Opus, or even through the dust-smeared lens of a battered camera. Whether you’re experiencing the unflinching ferocity of a sandstorm, or facing a brutal encounter with a pack of War Boys, just click both control sticks simultaneously and you will instantly shift to Capture Mode. Here, you are presented with numerous tools to let you perfectly capture these moments of odd beauty and wanton carnage in a personalised photo, or show off that sick jump you made in your car.

Taking a great picture in Mad Max will require much practice and at least some knowledge of photography. Thankfully, I have managed to track down the elusive Shutterbum, the Wasteland’s foremost photographer, who has agreed to give us some advice on the subject. Together, we’ll go through all the settings in the game’s Capture Mode before sharing some examples and giving you a few tips. Let’s start with the basics. (more…)


The Perfect Shape, Part Two: How Not to Suck at Super Hexagon

super hexagon 2

In my last post, I told you why Terry Cavanagh’s indie gem Super Hexagon is the most perfect game ever made, as well as a stirring parable about a brave triangle and the ill-wishing walls who would do him harm. This time, I bequeath my six-sided wisdom to you with a short guide on attaining geometric mastery.

Whether you own a smartphone, tablet or personal computer system, you owe it to yourself and your descendants to drop a few quid on downloading Super Hexagon right now and making your first steps towards shapely glory. With the following tips at your side, you will become one with the triangle, dodging walls like you were born to do it and relishing the thrill of going between numerous gaps. You too will be able to say that you have put hours upon hours of your time into a piece of code, with no material benefit to show for it, yet harbouring nothing but the strongest sense of pride for an achievement equivalent to cracking the Enigma Code or inventing penicillin. You can do it. I believe in you.

Use this advice well, padawan. (more…)